6 Most Routine Car Maintenance Issues

Many car owners do not seem to understand that vehicles need maintenance quite often in order to run properly. After all, your car is a machine and must be monitored to guarantee it will function smoothly without running the risk of unforeseen accidents on the road.

Car Maintenance Is Imperative

We all want our cars to be in great condition therefore routine maintenance is a very important part of it. Unfortunately, carrying out maintenance can be challenging if you haven’t a clue where to start.

We have listed 6 things you should expect during routine maintenance at your local garage or you will do yourself.

1: You Should Be Familiar With Your Owner’s Manual

Short of being a car expert or someone who has been performing maintenance on your car for a long time, the owner’s manual is the go-to book to begin routine maintenance. Your owner’s manual should be located in your glove box so start reading it. The manual is loaded with great information to understand the operation of your car as well as how to perform routine maintenance to keep your car running smoothly. There’s a section in the manual covering maintenance and manufacturer’s recommendations. Read up on this chapter and become very familiar with it. If you want to perform maintenance on your car, the owner’s manual will be a very important guide. It’s also beneficial to help you understand things you probably don’t know anything about regarding your car.

2: Oil Changes

Car Oil Change

Your owner’s manual cannot stress this enough. Changing the oil is crucial for performing good maintenance. The oil in your car is literally the lifeline of your engine to prevent parts from destroying the engine and must be serviced on a regular basis. When the oil is not changed, it can cause a build-up of contaminants that can turn into sludge and destroy your engine.

Please note – if you do not know anything about changing out the oil, contact a professional at your local garage to take care of it for you. If you live in Australia, contact Sydney European Auto Mechanic for professional maintenance car service. Professional mechanics know exactly what needs to be done to change out your car’s oil as well as other maintenance requirements.

3: Monitoring Fluids

Monitoring fluids in your car is another step you should expect during a maintenance procedure. Although you are not required to fill up most of your car’s fluids, it’s important to keep an eye on the fluids regularly. The fluids in your car are for power steering, brakes, and transmission. Keeping an eye out can prevent unexpected leaks that could damage your car.

4: Examine The Belts And Hoses

If you have decided to perform routine maintenance, you must inspect the belts and hoses in the engine bay. Whether you decide to do it yourself or get a mechanic to do it for you, the hoses and belts must be inspected to prevent the engine from overheating if the coolants are not flowing properly. If you notice a hose that is cracked or separated, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Understand, it’s critical to examine the timing belt as this is an extremely important part of the functioning of your engine. When you examine the belt, if you notice signs of wear and tear, such as cracking and the loss of material, then have it replaced to protect the engine from damage and other common car problems.

5: Check The Battery Terminals And Tyres

Car Battery Terminals

You can count on the battery terminals and tires being expected. If you are doing this yourself, check the battery terminals to ensure they are clean and in good working condition. If they are not, it can lead to problems because the currents are not passing through the system of your vehicle properly.

Once you have finished checking the battery terminals, it’s time to check your tyres. Make sure the pressure is set to the recommended pressure by the manufacturer. Not only will it protect your safety but will give you peace of mind knowing your tyres are inflated properly to perform and prevent the chances of a tyre blowing out which could lead to road accidents.

6: Exterior Maintenance

If you think maintaining the exterior of your car is not important, think again. Make sure you wash and wax your car regularly to increase the longevity of your car’s paint. If the paint on your car starts to chip, rust can build up and start to erode the metal under the paint. Eroding metal will lead to serious problems. Therefore, take the exterior maintenance of your car very seriously.

In Conclusion

When regular maintenance is performed on your car, you will extend its life. Monitoring parts and other components of your car will help you pick up on any potential problems and stop them before they become worse.

If you are seriously considering performing your own routine maintenance, keep these things in mind so you will know what to expect during routine maintenance, whether you are doing it yourself or have a mechanic on board. Staying on top of your car’s performance and all the components that make your car run smoothly and safely will make the work well worth it.

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