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When weather hits the extremes in summer or winter you really need your air conditioning to be working at its peak. Here at Birchwood MOT just North of Warrington we will repair, service, de-bug and recharge your air conditioning, no matter what the make and model of your car.

Our Air Conditioning Specialists are trained to the highest standard so that they can provide the very best service for the repair, maintenance and serving of your air conditioning.

The New Air Conditioning Gas HFO-1234YF

Since 2013 the low emissions standard HFO – 1234YF has been in effect for all cars and other vehicles produced for use within the EU.

The type of air conditioning gas has also changed; before 2017 the gas used for vehicle air conditioning was R134. Since then the new gas (HFO-1234yf) has become the new, legally required, air conditioning gas in vehicles. Very few garages have the equipment or expertise to regas with the new HFO-1234yf gas, we are one of them. If you are in Warrington or the surrounding areas we can recharge your air conditioning system with the HFO-1234yf gas for just £129 plus VAT.

We can service your A/C system regardless of the type of gas or the age of your vehicle.

The new gas represents a major step forward within the motor industry as it is less polluting than its predecessor – producing 98% fewer pollutants that are known to cause climate damage.

The air conditioning system in your vehicle is charged up with this gas, however, it generally dissipates at around 10% a year. As this happens the A/C system becomes less efficient. It is advisable that you have your air conditioning checked every couple of years. If your car is over 2 years old it is likely that your A/C needs recharging as this is not included in a regular service for your car.

Although most people will say that you should only use the air conditioning during the summer, it is advisable to run it from time to time over the cooler months. The air that comes out via the A/C is dehumidified and can clear a misted windscreen faster than using warm air.

If you are finding that your A/C isn’t smelling as fresh as it has done, this could be because there is bacteria or fungi growing on the evaporator. This is because of condensation build up so it is wise to make sure you switch on the air conditioning and run it for 10 minutes of so each week.

Air conditioning servicing is a fast service that only takes around an hour. It is normally a while-you-wait service but will need to be pre-booked. Make sure you do this before the weather heats up.

Here at Birchwood MOT our next generation 1234YF unit is used to charge your Air conditioning to the highest standard for safety, efficiency and A/C performance.

Pay us a visit at Birchwood MOT for an efficient, reliable service and re-gas for your vehicle’s HFO-1234yf based A/C system, giving you peace of mind that everything is working as it should.

What Does The Air Conditioning Service Involve?

Our air conditioning service will be tailored to the issues that you have with your A/C system.

The first step is a pressure test. This uses nitrogen gas. Nitrogen makes up 78% of normal atmosphere; it is inert and harmless. Filling the system with nitrogen under pressure allows us to find any leaks and repair them.

If we do find a leak we will give you a full report including the cost of any repairs you may need. If the pressure test shows no leaks we will then recharge the air conditioning, ensuring that the correct amount of refrigerant gas is in the system. We also add a special dye so that we can detect any potential leaks in the future under a UV light.

Incorrect gas pressure is not the only reason for an air conditioning system to fail. We will fully test your system, identify any faults and get back to you with all the information, including costs for any repairs you need.

Regas|Recharge Pricing

HFO-1234yf Gas
Just £129 + VAT

Standard Gas
Just £59.95 + VAT


  • Arrange to have the A/C in your vehicle checked and services every 2 years
  • Run your air conditioning for 10 minutes on a weekly basis if you do not use it regularly. Do this all year round, even during the winter
  • Once your speed hits 40 miles per hour it is more efficient in terms of fuel consumption to close your windows and use the air conditioning
  • Be aware that if your air conditioning starts to smell this can be due to harmful bacteria and fungi building up in the system. As well as a bad smell, these bacteria can cause allergic reactions as well as other irritations. You can improve the air quality, eliminate odours and maintain a healthy environment in our car by having our trained technicians treat the A/C at time of service.

Re-Gassing Your Air Conditioning

Most people associate air conditioning with keeping the temperature inside the car cool. However, it is also useful for demisting your windows during the winter months. The de-humidified air will clear your windscreen quickly and efficiently, however, it cannot do this if the system is not working at optimal performance, and this could have an adverse effect on the driver’s visibility.

Over the course of a year around 10% of the gas in the air-conditioning system is lost. Therefore it is recommended that the system is recharged every 2 years. Our highly skilled technicians will remove all the old gas, test and clean the system and then inject the new oil and gas. After this the temperature inside the vehicle will be checked to make sure everything is working properly.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioning System?

For a new car, the majority of manufacturers advise that the A/C should be serviced at 30,000 miles or approximately 3 years. After that, the recommendation is that it is re-gassed and service 2-yearly. However, there are variations according to make and model so it is advisable to check with your local dealer.

Some of the more common signs that there may be an issue with your air conditioning system include:

  • Strange or unpleasant smells emanating from the vents
  • The windows continue to fog up even with the A/C is turned on
  • The air conditioning system stops cooling the vehicle down
  • Failure of the fan/blower
  • Dashboard controls don’t work
  • When the system is turned on the A/C or the engine makes a loud noise
  • The car stalls if the A/C is turned on
  • You find water on the floor inside the vehicle.

If you think there is an issue with your vehicle’s air condition, or you think it is due for a re-gas, please get in touch or visit Birchwood MOT.

How Does My Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Work?

Air conditioning is like having a refrigerator in the car which moves the heat from inside the car to the outside. There are 4 key systems involved:

This Compresses the refrigerant gas and circulates it through the system

The refrigerant (gas) picks up and carries the heat within the A/C system.

The condenser works to change the refrigerant gas into a liquid and this removes the heat from inside the car.

The evaporator cools the vehicle by moving the heat to the refrigerant gas as the air is blown across it.

What’s Included In An Air Conditioning Re-Gas Service?

  • The system is vacuumed and all gases and liquids removed
  • The system is vacuum checked to rule out any leaks
  • PAG oil is added, this is specialist oil for lubricating A/C systems
  • With your permission we add a UV dye to assist in finding leaks
  • The correct amount of gas is measured and put back into the A/C system
  • We check the running pressures
  • We check the vent temperature in the vehicle
  • An electronic sniffer is used to check the system

Contact Birchwood MOT For Your Air Con Recharge

If you’re looking for a cheap yet high-quality aircon regas in Warrington (and the surrounding areas), look no further than Birchwood MOT. Give us a call on 01925 320468 to discuss your car air conditioning service in more detail or book your vehicle in now for an air conditioning recharge.

Our team of experts will conduct a full air con recharge, keeping you cool and comfortable when you’re behind the wheel – and the process will be completed quickly, efficiently and for standard gas at just £59.95 plus VAT!

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