How Serious Is A Transmission Problem?

The transmission is the system that transfers engine power to the wheels of your car. A manual car has a gearbox and if you own an automatic, you have an automatic transmission. Irrespective of its type, the transmission is a critical component. If you have a faulty transmission, you will experience problems that can range from driving difficulties to a total breakdown. If you notice any symptoms or if you suspect a transmission issue, get your car checked and repaired without delay.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

The job of the transmission fluid is to keep moving components of the transmission cool and lubricated. With age, leakages can develop due to wear and tear. It should not be too difficult to recognise a leak. Transmission fluids are coloured green or red. If you see a puddle of red or green fluid under your car, you probably have a leak.

Leaks can be caused due to a number of reasons like a cracked pan, loose plugs, bad gaskets, ill-fitting or broken seals, gaps in the torque converter and damaged fluid lines. With the right equipment, a qualified mechanic will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and pinpoint the leak.

Although small leaks may not have an immediate impact, these leakages are a big sign of trouble. Get it checked and fixed quickly because delays can make the problem worse and lead to a transmission failure. Leaks are also easier and cheaper to repair when they are small. If the leak is small, it’s probably safe to drive your car to the garage. If it’s a major leakage, it’s best to check with your garage before trying to drive the vehicle.

A Slipping Transmission

Transmission Repair

Automatic transmissions are designed to last long with minimal maintenance. When properly maintained, you can expect them to have a life of over 200,000 miles. If you notice one or more of the symptoms given below, get your transmission checked because it could be slipping.

  • Your car seems to be in incorrect gear signified by high RPM (over 3500)
  • Your car feels sluggish and refuses to accelerate quickly.
  • You notice an unusual or burning smell.
  • You have difficulty in reversing.
  • The Check Engine light turns on.

Automatic transmissions can slip due to a variety of faults. The bands of the transmission may be broken or worn. Bad hydraulic valves or problems with the torque converter is another possibility. Damaged gaskets, seals or hydraulic lines within the system can also cause the transmission to slip.
Slipping is a problem in manual transmissions as well.

If you have difficulty shifting gears or hear strange noises during gearshifts, the problem could be in your gearbox. Low fluid levels (possibly due to leakages) can cause the problem. It can also happen if the transmission fluid has gone bad due to overheating. Worn gears are another possibility.

Slipping indicates that the transmission need service. Replacement is not always necessary. Get it repaired without delay and you may be able to avoid an expensive repair or transmission replacement.

Clogged Transmission Filter

The transmission filter removes contaminants from the transmission fluid. These filters will eventually get clogged and restrict the flow of fluid. Symptoms include unexplained rattles, whining noises when shifting into gear, gear change problems or a burning smell. If the filter is clogged, it has to be replaced by a transmission repair expert. If done in time, it may save the transmission.

Water In The Transmission

If water gets into the automatic transmission, you have a serious problem. Even an ounce of water in the transmission fluid is enough to cause major damage. If the fluid has become pink and frothy, you have water in the transmission.

Water destroys friction linings of the clutch plates and forms lumps of gummy masses within the unit. It will also cause iron components in the transmission to rust. With enough time, the transmission will fail and a replacement may become necessary.

There are many ways in which water can get into the transmission. It can be due to a fault in the cooling line that runs through the radiator. It can also happen when you drive through a deep puddle of water. If you suspect that water has entered the transmission, get it checked quickly and you may be able to save it.

The transmission of your car is a critical component. It should always be in good condition and work smoothly. If you are having trouble with the transmission, get it checked without delay.

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