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Car problems or breakdowns can be frustrating, but they are unlikely in a well-maintained vehicle. For reliability and performance, your car needs regular servicing and when necessary, professional repairs. Lowton Motor Company offer car repairs, servicing and MOT’s in Irlam at very competitive rates.

Irlam Car Servicing

Our garage offers servicing for a wide range of cars. A periodic service includes multiple checks to ensure that everything works as it should. Consumables like oil filters, air filters and brake pads are checked and replaced as needed. All fluids like engine oil and coolant are checked and topped up or replaced as needed. When we service your car, we also perform a number of safety checks including a free battery check, free brakes check and free tyre check. We also do tyre rotation, wheel balancing and wheel alignment if required amongst many other services.

When you get your car serviced at LMC, we are able to detect problems before they become bigger faults needing complicated repairs or expensive replacements. We use quality spares and consumables which match the standards of the original manufacturer. This ensures excellent long life, reliability and performance while keeping costs low.

Irlam Car Repairs

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As your car gets older, ageing components may fail or malfunction causing problems. These problems are more likely in cars older than ten years. At LMC, we have the expertise to perform even the most complicated repairs on a wide range of vehicles. We routinely perform repairs like clutch replacements, gearbox repairs, timing belt changes, a/c repairs and exhaust repairs.

Repairs at LMC are done using the best quality spares by skilled mechanics having many years of experience. You can rest assured that the performance and reliability of your car will be restored.

High repair bills can be avoided if you detect problems early and bring your car to the garage without delay. Very often, what initially is a minor fault can get bigger if repairs are delayed. At LMC, we find the root cause of faults and fix them to prevent recurrences. We have the necessary equipment and people to do accurate diagnosis and perform dealer-quality repairs irrespective of the make or model of the vehicle.

Free Pick Up / Drop Off & Courtesy Car Services Available

MOT In Irlam

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An MOT test becoming due can add a lot of stress to a driver’s busy life – but at LMC, we aim to ensure sure your test is as quick, inexpensive and easy as it possibly can be! Our expert staff and industry-gold-standard diagnostic and repair equipment can’t be beaten and at just £49.99, with a free retest where necessary, we can’t be beaten on price either.

If you need an MOT in Irlam, you don’t need to worry about taking your car to Liverpool or Warrington to find the best service at the lowest price – LMC are right here in your back yard!

Any repairs and servicing necessary can be provided right here in our garage, so anything that needs to be done to get your car back on the road can be achieved here in-house – you don’t need to worry about taking your car elsewhere to resolve any issues.

However, if repairs are necessary to enable your vehicle to pass the MOT you are under no obligation to have LMC undertake the necessary work. We will always inform you of any necessary repairs and will not carry out any work on your vehicle until you are happy for us to repair your vehicle or again you are free to take it elsewhere.

Our MOT tests are comprehensive and thorough, as they should be, learn more about what is involved in an MOT test. To book your Irlam MOT, get in touch with us today on 01925 320468 or use the contact form below to make your booking now!

Cheap MOT’s In Irlam

As mentioned above, LMC provides MOT’s for Irlam residents for just £49.99 and this includes a free retest if required. We are dedicated to providing cheap MOT’s for residents in Irlam and the surrounding areas. We also offer a Free Courtesy Car or Free Pick Up/Drop Off service to help you save even more and to allow you to continue to remain mobile or allow as little disruption as possible to your already busy day.

Why Do I Need To Get An MOT Certificate?

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The MOT test (or “Ministry of Transport Test”) certificate is a government-mandated requirement for road vehicles older than three years, which holds them to standards of roadworthiness and safety before allowing them access to the roads. While frustrating when your MOT certificate becomes due, the application of these standards to all road vehicles above a certain age improves safety for all road users.

If you would like to book an Irlam MOT with unbeatable quality and an unbeatable price, look no further than LMC. You can get in touch to book your MOT test by calling us on 01925 320468 or simply complete the booking form below!

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