Main Dealer Or Local Garage And Misconceptions

The hunt for a garage to service your car can be a tedious task as you would like a combination of both expertise and cost-effectiveness. In the case of car servicing in Warrington, there are several great options available. It would be wise to choose from among them instead of approaching the main dealer since the former can do a commendable job without reaching to deep in to your pocket.

Car owners hold several misconceptions which leads them to swear by the main dealer. Some of these include apprehensions about the warranty, resale value and being tricked into getting more repairs done than is required. However, the main dealer does not always give you the best deal, so let’s discuss and deconstruct the various concerns people have about approaching their local garage for a service or repairs.

Concerns Over Warranty

Car Warranty

A new car typically comes with the legal obligation of having a warranty period of 3 years. The warranty commences as soon as the registration is complete and will continue regardless of any changes in the ownership during this time. The common notion is that getting your car serviced at a local garage will instantly void the warranty provided. But the fact is, a car manufacturer cannot coerce a car owner to only use their services.

However, It’s important to note at this point that the car manufacturer, in the contract, might state certain conditions regarding when and how the car is serviced during the warranty period.

In other words, the car manufacturer explicitly states the timeline featuring your scheduled servicing during the warranty period. By all means, ensure you follow this schedule properly. Another condition requires the owners to document each time the car is serviced and also to only use original parts.

Therefore, following these stipulations, regardless of what garage you approach, it will nor render your warranty void. A good garage will always update your service records, use original parts, follow the guidelines by the manufacturer and document all the bills.

Concerns Over Service Quality

People are often worried about the quality of service by a local garage, especially when their car is new. This encompasses both the quality of the parts used as well as the competency of the mechanics at work. It’s commonly accepted that the affordability of the garage services is a result of their lower skilled labour or cheaper parts. Though this is a possibility, the fact that they could still do a great job cannot be discounted.

If you find a premium service garage, these concerns about the service quality can be eliminated. This is especially true since such garages employ workers who have undergone training by the manufacturer or have considerable experience of working in an official dealership. This substantiates the idea that they hold all the relevant skills and are aware of the techniques that must be implemented to provide a good service on your vehicle.

Broadly, many garages offer two different types of services, categorised based on those under a warranty at that point and those that are not. No matter what service you choose, your car should be checked thoroughly and serviced accordingly and the appropriate replacement parts used where necessary.

At Lowton Motor Company, Birchwood, Warrington we can service, repair and MOT vehicles from all the leading car manufacturers from a Ford to a Lamborghini, a Smart Car to a Peugeot and everything in between.

Lowton Motor Company also operate as a car dealership, with a focus on the higher end of the market such as Ferrari’s, Aston Martin, Porsche, Audi, BMW etc. The highly technical knowledge gained in servicing such precision machines transfers to other brands ensuring an equally high level of vehicle servicing.

Concerns Over Resale Value

Car Resale Value

There is no denying the fact that approaching the main dealer to service your car is a great way to preserve the value of your car. However, most buyers are more concerned about whether you have serviced your car according to the schedule prescribed by the manufacturer.

Apart from that, potential buyers will also be interested to know if your car has been damaged substantially in the past due to an accident or if it required any major repair work.

To sum up, the resale value of your car will not take a hit if you approach a good independent garage that services your car in a timely manner as prescribed by the manufacturer. With time, the service history will stop influencing the decisions of your potential buyers as much.


The words “Back street garage” elicits a negative response as soon as you consider approaching them for servicing. It’s commonly agreed upon that such establishments tend to inflate the bills, perform unnecessary repair work and sometimes vehicles end up in a worse condition in comparison to before the service work began.

Lowton Motor Company, Birchwood, Warrington values transparency, It’s one of the major foundations on which the business was built. We inform the customer of any work that may be required with evidence and a full explanation. No work is carried out on a vehicle without first obtaining the customers consent.

We also work ardently towards our customer care. From the myriad customer testimonials on our website, you can deduce that we are a reputable establishment popular for affordability and a quality service.

We do not deny the fact that official manufacturer dealerships provide excellent service. However, this quality service comes with a high cost and considerable inconvenience. The only exception is when the manufacturer offers complimentary servicing the first few times after a car is bought.

Further, warranty repair work can only be done at the official dealership. Barring these instances, you can always go to a reputable garage for your car service in Warrington and be assured that your car will undergo quality servicing at an affordable price with the benefit of courteous customer care.

One other major advantage Lowton Motor Company, Birchwood, Warrington have over the main dealers our Pick Up & Drop Off service. We all live busy lives and it’s generally not convenient to take time out to take your vehicle to the garage and sit and wait for work to be carried out.

Especially if it’s found that repairs need to be made and worse still parts for the repair are not in stock. It’s so much easier to have one of our drivers collect your vehicle, deliver it for service or repair to our Birchwood garage and return it once the work is complete. Leaving you to get on with your day unhindered.

Are you in or around Birchwood, Warrington, Winwick, Risley, Partington, Padgate, Newton le Willows, Lymm, Lowton, or Irlam? Lowton Motor Company Birchwood is the solution your car needs for any engine issues and problems that may arise in your vehicle. With over 25 years of experience, we will be able to find and fix the problem quickly and get your car back on the road. As the largest garage in Birchwood we provide a convenient and affordable service.

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