Signs Of A Bad ABS Control Module

The ABS Control Module plays a very important role to ensure your safety when driving. The ABS Control Module is in place to ensure you can continue to steer your car during a panic braking. Here are situations when you can tell if your ABS Control Module is or is not working properly.

If the ABS Control Module is working properly, you can be sure you will be safe when you are on the road. If this component starts failing, you will be vulnerable if an accident takes place, especially if you try to make a fast stop.

The ABS Control Module’s role is controlling the wheel speed and limiting the pressure of your brakes to the caliper if you hit the brakes too hard to maintain your steering ability.

We will go over problems that might occur if you have a bad ABS Control Module, how it works and where it’s located.

What Are The Signs?

ABS Brake

If this component is not working properly, you will get a warning light on your dashboard. Another sign might be your wheels locking up when braking on a slippery surface. In some cases, you might experience a stiff or unresponsive brake pedal.

There are other signs that you should notice regarding a bad ABS Control Module:

Your Wheels Are Locking

You might have a bad ABS Control Module if your brakes lock up when you’ve lost traction. In most cases, you will only notice the problem if you slam on the brakes. In other cases, if the wheel continually locks up it could be a stuck brake caliper.

The ABS Warning Light Comes On

Newer cars have a warning light on the dashboard to let you know when there is a problem. If your ABS fails, that’s a good reason for the light coming on.

If the ABS light is on, the system might stop working altogether. If this happens, you should not drive at all because it’s a critical safety feature to protect you.

More Pressure Is Required For Braking

When you hit the brake pedal, your car should stop but if it’s taking more pressure to stop this could be a problem. Over time, you might have to apply more pressure to stop your car and for pushing down on the brake pedal. If this continually happens, it’s time to have the system checked out.

An Unresponsive Brake Pedal

Let’s face it, when you apply your brakes, you expect the car to stop. If you have a bad ABS Control Module, it will take a lot more pressure to stop. As time moves on, your effort will become even more pronounced and can lead to losing your brake pedal function altogether.

The problem could be caused by a low level of brake fluid so it’s advised you perform a complete system inspection or visit a garage. You should consider having the brake fluid system flushed out to make sure air has not gotten into the lines.

You Have An Inaccurate Speedometer Reading


In some cases when the ABS Control Module fails, the speedometer will not operate correctly. This is not particularly common, but it can happen.

In some instances, the speedometer will stay at 0 mph or read an inaccurate speed. This is usually in line with the Check Engine or ABS light coming on.

The Function Of The ABS Control Module

The ABS Control Module, or anti-lock braking system, is an electronic component that performs like a computer. The information coming from the ABS sensors is processed by the ABS Control Module. Then the ECU takes this data and processes it creating electronic information to make sure the system is working as it should.

When your vehicle loses stability or traction, the system will perform the next steps to ensure safety. It can detect how much pressure is required for each wheel in order to stop.

The ABS Control Module monitors the braking frequency and the amount of pressure required for braking. It takes this information from the sensors to know how fast the tyres are rotating to prevent slippage.

The Location Of The ABS Control Module

In most cars, the ABS Control Module is located in the engine compartment. In some cases, it can be found on the driver’s side frame rail.

You might have to lift the car to find the ABS Control Module. In other cases, it might be located under plastic panels or covers.

You should find the ABS Control Module bolted to a solenoid block where several brake lines are connected. If you are not sure, refer to your service manual to find the location for the make and model of your car. Otherwise, contact your technician for assistance.

If you believe your vehicle ABS control module may be causing problems with your vehicle working correctly you can get your vehicle checked and your ABS checked by booking online today.

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