Signs Your Fuel Filter Should Be Replaced

Your fuel filter plays an important part in the fuel system of your car. It blocks impurities, dirt, particles, objects, rust, and dust that cannot get into the fuel and combustion chamber by blocking out these contaminants. That said, it’s important you change your fuel filter on a regular basis.

The fuel filter can have issues early on so it’s really important you are aware of the signs involving a clogged or failing fuel filter. Some of the leading signs are:

Probably the 2 most common issues of a clogged fuel filter are problems starting your car and bad engine performance. You might notice misfiring or stalling along with a check engine light on the dashboard coming on.

Even though these are pretty common signs, there are many more that you should be aware of. Here is a list of symptoms caused by a clogged or bad fuel filter.

Having Problems Starting The Car

Problem Starting Car

This is probably the most common issue you might notice if your fuel filter is beginning to clog. If you don’t know, the most critical moment is not having enough fuel to crank the engine. If the fuel filter is clogged, this could be a problem for your engine to get started because the fuel pressure is way too low.

The Engine Keeps Misfiring

When fuel only occasionally gets into the engine, it will lead to low fuel pressure which, in turn, leads to misfiring and other issues.

In some cases, you can feel the engine misfire in the form of small jerks when you accelerate the car. If you notice a lot of misfiring when accelerating, it’s time to check the filter to see if it should be replaced.

Poor Performance

As mentioned earlier, a clogged filter will cause a low fuel pressure. Your engine needs a lot of fuel for maximum performance. If the fuel pressure is way too low, you will feel like your car is running much slower than usual.

The Check Engine Light Is On

Check Engine Light

Some newer vehicles have sensors placed all over the engine and sends a signal to the car’s computer alerting something is wrong.

The computer then illuminates the “Check Engine” signal/light on the dashboard and requests you have the car checked.

If the fuel filter is at fault, the fuel pressure going into the system will drop enormously. In turn, this will alert the fuel pressure sensor, and the “Check Engine” light will come on.

The Engine Stalls

You might find your engine stalling when you accelerate the car or even when it’s idle. This is caused by the fuel pressure dropping so low that the engine will be completely out of fuel.

How Often Should You Change The Fuel Filter?

This can differ from one car model to another and the type of fuel. As a rule, you should change the fuel filter every 37.000 miles (60.000 km) or every 4 years.

Petrol cars have longer replacement intervals and do not clog up as often as diesel filters.

You should always check your repair manual for the right replacement time frame as some cars need the filters changed out more frequently than others.

The time frame can also change depending on the fuel you put in your car. As some countries have really poor quality fuel, you might have to change it more often.

The Location Of The Fuel Filter

The filter is usually located near the fuel tank, under the car. In some cases, it’s under the hood or somewhere behind the plastic covers under the car.

Because the location can differ greatly, you should check in the engine bay and near the fuel tank under the car.

If you can’t locate it, call your authorised dealer for help. Keep in mind, the fuel filter is one of the components that must be frequently and regularly maintained. If the fuel filter must be replaced, the cost is very reasonable and can be easily replaced using the instructions in the service manual if you have some basic knowledge of car repairs. Otherwise, just take your car to a dealer and they can quickly and easily replace the filter.

Like all components in your car, the fuel filter should be checked often and replaced when needed.

If you believe your vehicle fuel filter may be causing problems with your vehicle working correctly you can get your vehicle checked and you fuel filter checked and/or changed by booking online today. For further information on our services you can browse the site or get in touch with us by calling 019253 30468 or alternatively, you can email us directly at

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