Tyre Problems You Should Know About

Having problems with your tyres can be a serious situation. A damaged tyre can affect its performance or cause a serious risk to yourself as well as other people on the road.

Tyres are a major component of your vehicle but will suffer wear and tear over time. You should check your tyres frequently to prevent damage and having to pay out a good amount of money to have them replaced.

The Leading Issues Caused By Your Car’s Tyres

Tyre Side Worn

It’s very important you understand the signs of any form of tyre damage. Below is a list of tyre issues that you might experience which will hinder the performance and safety of your vehicle.

The Tread Depth

Your car’s telematics will let you know if your car has issues trying to achieve the miles per gallon that it should or your steering seems light or off. It could be caused by an inadequate tread depth. The required minimum tread depth for each tyre should be 1.6mm. If you don’t know, telematics is equipped on some cars and is a combination of a GPS tracking system with onboard diagnostics.

The 20p Test is the easiest and fastest way to find out if your tyre is meeting the legal limits. You should take a coin (20p) and place it in the lowest tread depth of your tyre. If the outer edge of the coin is seen, your need to replace the tyre immediately. If you are pulled over for driving with an illegal tyre tread, you will face a fine of £2,500.

Under Or Overinflated Tyres

If your tyres are not correctly inflated it can cause serious damage to the tyre. In turn, it will restrict your driving ability to perform safely in all kinds of road conditions. Improper inflation will also decrease the lifespan of the tyre by 25%.

Tyres that are underinflated will cause a great deal of wear and tear on the shoulder of the tyre. Overinflated tyres will cause damage on the middle of the tyre. Either overinflated or underinflated will affect the handling of your vehicle.

Uneven Wear On A Tyre

You might have a tyre that is inflated properly but still shows signs of wear and tear on the outer edges rather than the inner or middle edges. Chances are, your tyre has issues with its alignment on the wheel. It could also be caused by suspension issues. We will go over this issue in greater detail shortly.

Cracks & Bulges

If you notice cracks and bulges on the sidewall of a tyre, keep a close eye on the other tyres. Potholes have become more prominent these days and more than likely will have an effect on your tyres. If you hit a pothole driving at an average speed, it’s likely you will experience an impact on the bulges on the tyre. If you drive in a parking lot or a road that has speed bumps, drive over them very carefully, otherwise, you are likely to pick up bulges and cracks on your tyres.

Slow Punctures

Badly Worn Tyre

Slow punctures or leaks will affect how your vehicle handles. It’s likely if one tyre has this issue the others do too. One sign includes your car will pull to one side while driving. You should check your tyres for foreign elements that are stuck to the tyre including nails, screws, etc.

It’s advisable you check your tyre pressure daily to find out which tyre is losing pressure faster than the others. Some tyres can be repaired for slow punctures as long as the damage has not affected the sidewall. Also, it could be caused by a faulty tyre valve which is leaking air intermittently. You should bring your car to the garage and have the tyre valve replaced.

A Misaligned Tyre

You should be able to tell if a tyre is more worn on one side than the other. If it is, you have a misaligned tyre. A tyre facing outward that is misaligned, will show wear on the inner shoulder rather than the outer shoulder and the same is true in reverse.

Your nearest garage should be able to realign the tyre in just a few minutes. Balancing them correctly will reduce the risk of damage and the loss of traction. You should definitely have your tyres’ pressure checked and have them adjusted when driving during the colder months.

Camber Wear

If you discover cambered wheels on your vehicles, you will notice the inside or outside edge of the tyre is considerably more worn than the rest of your tyres. Causes of camber wear include misalignment suspension, damaged/ broken springs, broken struts, or damaged and/or broken control arm bushings.

What You Should Do About Issues You Have Found With Your Tyres

If you are experiencing any of the issues we have just mentioned, it’s important you get it repaired or replaced quickly. If the repair to your tyre is too expensive for your budget, consider purchasing a part-worn tyre. These are tyres that have been taken from stripped vehicles but are still in excellent condition both with tread depths and the miles left on the tyre.

If you believe you’re tyres need some attention or your wheel alignment needs correcting book online today and receive a free vehicle service check or for further information on our services you can browse the site or get in touch with us by calling 019253 30468 or alternatively, you can email us at service@lowtonmotorcompany.co.uk.

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