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Lowton Motor Company Birchwood offers over 25 years of experience in providing quality tyres to residents of Lancashire and Cheshire. We strive to provide the highest quality service, at the lowest possible price. We stock a range of tyres, suitable for varying makes and models of cars. Our expert service is assisted by the use of the latest equipment used for fitting and balancing tyres.

It’s of vital importance that the quality of your tyres is never underestimated. Your car tyres provide the following primary functions:

  • Supports the weight of your car
  • Transmits traction and braking forces
  • Absorbs road shocks
  • Allows steering

Poor tyres significantly reduce the performance of your car, increasing the risk of skidding and stopping distance. Interestingly, underinflated tyres will increase your vehicles fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. On the other hand, over inflated tyres reduce grip and gives you less control over your car.

A Short Guide to Tyre Selection

New Tyres

The style, shape, and size of the tyre you put on your car can play a huge role in determining the way your car handles. Tyres are like shoes for your car, which means it is only through them that the vehicle comes in contact with the road. Their overall health and structural integrity should be looked after if you want to extract the most grip from your vehicle.

The best way to get the most performance out of your car is to put on a set of new tyres that last long and provide the most grip. If you want to learn more about that, we have got you covered. In this article, we will briefly explain everything there is to know before, during and after buying fresh tyres.

Tyre Size

When it comes to purchasing tyres the first question is whether the set you are looking at will fit your car or not. Tyres come in a range of sizes, starting from the very small ones that fit motorcycles to extremely huge ones that fit excavators and tractors. But car tyres vary based on the rim size. You will find tyres that can fit a 12-inch rim and some that are designed for a 20-inch rim. You need to check your car’s user manual for the correct rim size and select the relevant tyre size based on that information.

Tyre Types

Once you have confirmed the size, the next question is usually about the type of tyre. Car tyres are designed for different applications, meaning there is a separate kind of tyre for the winter, summer and spring. Winter tyres have deeper grooves and a sophisticated tread pattern to give the car the most traction in the snow. Summer tyres, on the other hand, are manufactured to provide the most grip in hot and dry climates with some room to accommodate for a short spell of rain.

If you have the right type of tyre at the right time, you will always feel confident in your car’s ability to extract traction out of the surface. The right type of tyre can provide such confidence.

Why is buying new tyres important?

Tyres are made of rubber, which is greatly affected by the forces of friction, meaning you can’t stay with the same set of tyres for the rest of your life. You need to change all the four tyres after every few thousand miles since they are subject to wear. When do you know it’s the right time to change tyres?

The answer to that question is pretty simple. You need to keep a few pointers in mind, and if the conditions are met you know the time has come to purchase a new set.

Tread Wear

Warn Tyres

Each tyre model has a particular tread pattern. The design allows the car to get the most grip out of the road while also keeping aquaplaning at bay when it rains. However, the tread wears out as time passes and as soon as the pattern starts disappearing the grip goes with it as well. Therefore, you should keep regular checks on your tyres to avoid running them for too long. You can use a coin to measure tread health. If the coin is buried less than 1/3rd between the tread pattern, then it is time to visit the tyre shop for a new pair.

Protection against Aquaplaning

Old tyres are more prone to aquaplaning instead of a fresh new set. Aquaplaning is the formation of a small body of water between the tyre’s surface and the road. This results in the tyre losing traction and eventually the vehicle losing complete steering power. You need to be very careful about this if you live in an area where it rains regularly. Get some new tyres that have a fresh new pattern, so the water has no chance of being a catalyst.

Driving in punctures is dangerous

Constant punctures in a tyre can hamper its structural integrity. It no longer remains the same tyre as it was before and that is enough proof against driving with punctured tyres. You don’t want your car to be full of repairs, because then the chances of an old puncture opening up increases. Furthermore, a flat tyre is extremely dangerous if you are driving at high speeds. The tyre can burst, leading to you losing control of the car. We all know what happens after that. So, protect yourself as well as your automobile from any untoward incidents.

Final Thoughts

A punctured tyre, wrong size tyre and an old tyre can all cause serious problems as a driver. You should aim to replace an old set with a new set as soon as you sense there is something wrong with traction. If you are cautious chances are that you might not need a new set for a long time.

Free Tyre Check Birchwood

It is dangerous to drive on tyres that are worn, bald or under inflated. Particularly when roads are wet, the condition of a car’s tyres affect a cars ability to brake efficiently. Ensuring your tyres are in good condition is essential in preventing potentially life-threatening situations. Keep your tyres correctly inflated and replace them whenever they are worn or damaged. It is important to keep your tyres up to pace so come to Lowton Motor Company for a free Warrington tyre check today.

Tyre Fitting Birchwood

At Lowton Motor Company we offer a professional tyre fitting service. We can provide any tyre you need, from budget to premium. Our expert fitters will provide you with the best service possible, including wheel balancing and alignment.

If you’re in need of tyre replacement, tyre fitting or would just like to have your current tyres checked, don’t hesitate to drop us a message below or give us a call on 01925 320468.

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