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Volkswagen is a line of cars that have been around for 80 years. The Volkswagen Beetle or” Bug” was an icon in the 1960s and is still being produced. VW is considered one of the most reliable and affordable cars on the market and considered second-to-none in customer satisfaction and loyalty. In German, Volkswagen means the “people’s car”. Customers who choose Volkswagen for their choice in vehicles rarely go back to any other brand.

If you take good care of your VW, it will last for many years and accumulate many miles along the way. If you are familiar with the TDI engines, you know how hardy these cars are. There are so many Volkswagens still on the road today and running just as well as when they were brand new. Today, Volkswagen still builds on its incredible reputation and very reputable history.

Volkswagen Models

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Not only is Volkswagen one of the most diverse cars in the industry, but there is a make and model that fits everyone’s taste. From limos to city cars, to full-size SUVs, pickup trucks, and don’t forget the Beetle! Two of the most popular models are the Polo and the Golf. The Golf goes without any needed introduction. If you look outside, you will see dozens of them still on the road.

The Polo is just one step below the Golf and is the smallest hatchback for small families and people who want an economical, practical car for city life. On the other hand, if you want something even more compact, you should look into the Up! This is the smallest car that VW makes, it’s the cheapest and most economical car for transport today. It’s got plenty of allure and incredible visual appeal if you choose the UP1 GTI version.

The Passat is a full-size saloon that rose in popularity after the old Phaeton was discontinued from the line. At one time, the Phaeton sat above the Passat as favor grew around the new Arteon.

The SUVs are one of the most versatile cars from VW, coming in all shapes and sizes starting with the smallest T-Cross and T-Roc. Both are built on the same foundation as the T-Cross and T-Roc which offer a more practical motoring experience with a much higher seating position and much better ground clearance.

The Tiguan is a compact crossover that comes in just below the Touareg which is Volkswagen’s full-size SUV with real off-roading performance. If you are someone who needs more space but not in the market for an SUV, you might want to look into The Touran and Sharan. Both of these models are perfect for those who want more room with room to spare!

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The models we have mentioned are built using Volkswagen’s MQB modular platform which means they are all sharing a lot of the same components. This allows for production costs to stay down and the cost to the consumers is a lot less. Because the parts are interchangeable, they will last longer and remain dependable.

Engines vary enormously between the models but are readily available in a variety of ranges with bigger, heavier models getting the more powerful variations of each. This also allows for parts to be easily serviced and much more affordable.

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Top 7 Volkswagen Models

Volkswagen Golf
    1. Volkswagen Golf: The Volkswagen Golf is a compact hatchback known for its quality, reliability, and versatility. It offers a comfortable ride, advanced safety features and a range of engine options to suit different preferences, including efficient diesel and petrol engines, as well as plug-in hybrid and electric variants.
    2. Volkswagen Polo: The Volkswagen Polo is a popular supermini car that combines style, practicality, and efficiency. It features a spacious cabin, user-friendly technology and a range of efficient engines. The Polo is well-regarded for its solid build quality and enjoyable driving dynamics.
    3. Volkswagen Passat: The Volkswagen Passat is a mid-size family saloon or estate car that delivers a comfortable and refined driving experience. It offers a range of powerful and efficient engines, a spacious and well-designed interior and a host of advanced safety and convenience features.
    4. Volkswagen Tiguan: The Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact SUV that blends versatility, comfort and driving dynamics. It offers a well-appointed interior, generous cargo space and a range of capable engines. The Tiguan also features advanced safety technologies and optional all-wheel drive for enhanced traction.
Volkswagen T-Roc
  1. Volkswagen T-Roc: The Volkswagen T-Roc is a stylish and compact SUV designed for urban adventures. It boasts a bold and distinctive exterior design, a comfortable cabin with modern features and a range of efficient engines. The T-Roc offers good practicality and maneuverability for city driving.
  2. Volkswagen Touareg: The Volkswagen Touareg is a premium SUV that combines luxury, performance and off-road capability. It offers a spacious and luxurious interior, advanced safety features and a range of powerful engines. The Touareg is well-suited for those seeking a high-end SUV experience.
  3. Volkswagen ID.3: The Volkswagen ID.3 is an all-electric compact hatchback that represents Volkswagen’s commitment to sustainable mobility. It features a futuristic design, a long electric range and a spacious and tech-filled interior. The ID.3 offers zero-emissions driving without compromising on performance or practicality.

Volkswagen Servicing

Volkswagen Scirocco

Unlike other vehicles, you will not run into a lot of issues with Volkswagen. For instance, Diesel engines always have issues particularly with diesel particulate filters (DPF) as they start to get older but that’s the nature of the diesel. Keep in mind, cars that are equipped with automatic gearboxes need regular servicing to keep them running smoothly and remain healthy, especially the modern DSG variants.

If you stay up with maintenance, you will have years of easy motoring. All maintenance should be performed by experienced technicians especially dealing with complex fundamental work including changing the cambelt and the water pump. Unless you know your way around the inside of your engine, it’s advisable you take your Volkswagen to the experts to get the work done properly.

You can prevent any problems by choosing the right mechanic for your vehicle.

If your Volkswagen is due its annual service soon or you believe the vehicle is in need of repair or maintanance we can help. Contact Lowton Motor Company on 01925 320468 to get helpful and knowledable advice and a quote for a service, repair or maintenance. We offer very competitive rates, with over 25 years of experience Lowton Motor Company Birchwood can provide the low cost and reliable care your vehicle needs.

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