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Regular servicing and timely repairs are essential for keeping your car in good condition. Besides ensuring good performance, it minimises the possibility of an inconvenient breakdown. Lowton Motor Company offers competitive rates for car services, repairs and MOTs in Warrington without compromising quality. We also cover nearby areas like Birchwood, Padgate, Winwick, Lymm, etc.

Car Servicing In Warrington

We perform periodic servicing for a wide range of cars at our service centre in Birchwood, Warrington. During a periodic service, we give your car a thorough check to ensure that all systems are working well. We also replace consumables like engine oil, spark plugs and brake pads when needed. All fluids are checked and topped up or replaced as needed. We also perform a number of safety checks including the condition of your tyres, wheel alignment and wheel balancing.

A periodic service at our garage helps detect problems in their early stages. This allows us to fix them before they become bigger problems needing more expensive repairs. At Lowton Motor Company, we believe in providing high-quality service and repairs to our customers. We use only good quality consumables and spares, which ensures good performance and reliability besides minimising the chances of a breakdown on the road.

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Car Repairs In Warrington

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Regular servicing keeps your car running well for a number of years. That said, all vehicles will need repairs at some point in their lifetime. With average use, problems start appearing after about ten years when some components wear out or fail. At Lowton Motor Company, we perform a number of repairs like clutch replacement, gearbox repairs, exhaust repairs, wheel alignment and brake repairs.

When you have a problem with your car, bring it to us promptly. We will check the problem, give you an accurate diagnosis and perform the required repairs. Timely repairs prevents the problem getting worse or affecting other systems. Car repairs at our garages are reasonably priced and are performed by expert technicians. We also have the required equipment and trained staff to handle a wide variety of brands and models.

Warrington MOT Basics

To use a vehicle older than three years in the UK, you need a valid MOT certificate. These certificates are valid for one year. To obtain a new certificate or renew your existing certificate, your car must pass the MOT test.

The purpose of the test is to ensure that vehicles on the UK roads are roadworthy and meet minimum safety and emission guidelines. It is somewhat similar to tests that you would expect a garage to perform during a routine service, but it’s not a replacement for periodic service. It is more focused towards safety and pollution control.

It’s not legal to drive a vehicle older than three years without a valid certificate. So, it’s better not to wait until the last day for the MOT test. Do it with at least 10 days to spare, which gives you enough time to get any defects repaired. You can renew your certificate up to one month before expiry without losing its remaining validity.

Warrington MOT Tips

A few simple things will improve your chances of a smooth test.

  1. Ensure that your car has enough fuel and oil. Cars without a minimum level of fuel and engine oil will not be accepted for the test.
  2. Remove unnecessary items from your car and ensure that it’s clean and uncluttered. Your car may fail if it’s too dirty or cluttered.
  3. Top up the windscreen washer fluid.
  4. Check if your wipers are functional. They should be able to clean the screen when operated.
  5. The driver’s view should be unobstructed. Remove any stickers in the wiper’s sweep area.
  6. Your registration plates must comply with the rules and should be in good condition.
  7. Your tyres, including the spare, must be inflated to the right pressures as specified by the manufacturer.
  8. Ensure that all lights and indicators are working.

What Can You Expect At The Test?

The test takes about an hour. If any fault is detected, it must be fixed before you can retake the test. There is no compulsion to get your car repaired at the same garage where you take the test. That said, it saves a lot of time and effort if you can get your car repaired at the same garage and get it tested again on the same day. That’s where Lowton Motor Company makes a difference.

Why MOT With Lowton Motor Company?

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Apart from the extremely low cost of just £49.99. Many test failures occur due to minor problems like non-working lamps, wipers and bad seatbelts. Before sending your car for the test, we give it a quick check to catch and rectify such silly issues. This improves your chances of passing the test on the first attempt.

Our company gives world-class service with industry-gold-standard checks and tests. We have expert mechanics, technicians, testers, diagnostic experts and the best equipment for quick and accurate diagnosis. We can quickly identify the root cause of a problem and repair it at the earliest. In most cases, you can get your car repaired on the same day and get it tested again. The retest is free.

At Lowton Motor Company, besides having a trouble-free test, you can relax knowing that your car is getting the best treatment and you are getting the best deal.

A Cheap And Convenient MOT Makes A Difference

The test is a legal requirement and you have to take it every year. Although the maximum amount that can be charged for the test is regulated by the ministry, test centres are allowed to offer discounts.

We are committed to making these tests inexpensive and hassle free for our customers. We offer very competitive prices combined with high-quality service. Besides, you get a free retest if needed. You won’t spend anything more due to a minor defect. An MOT is just £49.99 including a free retest if required.

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