What Does The Slip Light Warning Light Mean?

Vehicles come with advanced safety systems for a safer controlled ride. One of these systems is the Vehicle Dynamic Control or VDC which is designed to improve traction and distribute torque to the wheels when needed. If there is an issue with your traction, you will see the slip light activate on your dashboard.

We will take a closer look at the slip light and give you some reasons why the light would come on. We will also give you some ways to correct the problem.

About The Slip Light

When there is a problem with the traction control system, the slip light will activate on your dashboard. The slip control is designed to correct traction when traveling over a slippery surface.

The sensors are located on the wheels of your car. They send data back to the Powertrain Control Module or PCM. This data tells the PCM if the vehicle is losing traction from a particular wheel. The PCM can automatically adjust the power coming from the engine to the wheels to make sure stability and traction are corrected.

You will know the system is working properly if the light comes on. Under normal circumstances, the slip light might come on for a second or two until your vehicle’s traction is restored, then it will turn off. If the slip light turns on and stays on, you could have a problem.

Reasons For The Slip Light Activating

Car Skid Tyre Marks

One of the most common reasons for the slip light coming on is faulty wheel sensors. or ABS rings. It can also turn on if there is a bad ABS module or faulty wiring.

Here is a list of causes for the slip light coming on:

Defective Wheel Sensors

ABS sensors or wheel sensors. The job of the wheel sensors is to send data back to the PCM. Each wheel has one sensor.

If a wheel is traveling at a different speed than the others, the sensor will send an alert to the PCM that traction is not functioning properly On the other hand, if the wheel sensor is defective, it could send false data causing the traction control system to malfunction. If that happens, you might see the slip light on the dashboard and a warning light from the ABS.

Defective ABS Rings

Each wheel has ABS rings attached to it. The reason why the wheel sensor determines the speed of a wheel is caused by the ABS rings. The sensors depend on the rings to establish the speed.

If an ABS ring is damaged or broken, the wheel sensor will receive an accurate speed. A faulty reading is sent back to the PCM which can cause the traction system to go out of whack. You might also see the slip light appear on the dash followed by the ABS light.

A Malfunctioning ABS Control Unit

The ABS control unit runs the entire system, it’s the brains of the operation. This essential part monitors the ABS sensors and responds by controlling the brake pressure with help from the ABS modulator.

When the ABS control unit is malfunctioning, both the ABS light and slip light will turn on. A diagnostic scanner will allow you to see where the problem is so it can be quickly repaired.

Defective Wiring

Defective Car Wiring

The ABS system has numerous wires and must be in optimal condition in order to send signals back and forth. If there are defective wires between the wheel sensors and the ABS control unit, you will see warning lights.

In some cases, a wire might have become loose and can be reconnected very quickly. If it’s a defective wire, it will take a little time to get it corrected.

Slip Light Repairs

In order to turn off the slip light, you will have to find out where the problem is. If the light turns on and off again, you could be driving on a slippery road. That means the system is operating properly. However, if the light does not turn off, even after you have regained traction, there could be a problem that must be repaired. If the light is on because of a faulty wheel sensor, it must be repaired.

If the sensor is not the problem, take another look at the wiring to ensure the connections and integrity are intact. If the wiring is worn, you will need to replace it.

Replacing the ABS control unit will cost a little more money.

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