Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

At times, many people experience the steering wheel in their car shaking. Ignoring this problem is a really bad idea. It can lead to spending a great deal of money to get it corrected because it will wear out various suspension parts very quickly.

The leading reason for a shaking steering wheel is imbalance or damage to your tyres or rims. It can also be caused by faulty brake rotors, especially if you experience shaking when you hit the brakes. Other reasons can be bad suspension parts or the wheel alignment is wrong.

Here are the leading reasons for your steering wheel shaking:

Your Front Tyres Are Not Good

Replacing Brake Rotors

The leading cause for the steering wheel shaking is definitely a damaged or unbalanced tyre.

After replacing the tyres on the rim they must be balanced with weights to create the right balance. Unfortunately, the weights could come loose causing shaking again if the tyres lose the weights.

If you changed and balanced the tyres yourself, inspect them for any form of damage. If you cannot find any issues, it’s time to bring your vehicle to a mechanic or tyre shop to balance the tyres again.

While this can be the leading cause, if you are traveling at a low speed and experience shaking, there’s a good chance there is damage to one of the tyres.

The Wheel Hub Or Rim

If you have been in a minor accident or you always drive over bumpy roads, this can be a good reason for the shaking. If the damage is small, it can be repaired on the rim but if the entire rim has to be replaced, it’s probably caused by significant damage.

Brake Rotors

If your brake rotors have worn out or become rusty, there is a good chance the rotors are the reason for your steering wheel shaking, especially if the brake rotors have been overheated.

You can easily check it out by slightly pressing the brake pedal at a higher speed. If the problem gets worse, there is a good chance the brake rotors are at fault.

The Wheel Alignment

Bad Wheel Alignment

A bad wheel alignment can cause your tyres to steer in different directions and start to bump around making the steering wheel shake. This can be the case if you have worn out suspension parts at the same time.

Your Control Arm Bushings

The control arm bushings will keep the tyres in a fixed position to ensure they will not start to wobble during high speeds.

Should this happen when you are braking, the bushings are probably worn out.

The Tie Rod Ends

Keep in mind, the inner and outer tie rods hold the wheel in place while driving at high speeds. This is common if the rods are worn out and no longer holding the tyres in a fixed position.

What’s not common, if you have checked out everything possible and not found an issue, you should have the tie rod ends checked out.

The Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking

Another issue can be the steering wheel shakes only when you are braking and here are the two biggest reasons:

Front Wheel Rotors

Probably the leading reason for the wheel shaking when braking is the front brake rotors. This is a common problem when the brake rotors are overheated or they have become rusty after standing for a good period of time. Also, unbalanced brake rotors often happen with many new cars and this is a rising concern with BMW and Audi.

Control Arm Bushings

If you replaced the front brake rotors and the problem persists, it’s more than likely a problem with the front suspension parts like the control arm bushings or a worn-out tie rod.

If you believe your vehicle may be experiencing any of the wheel or tyre problems or your steering wheel is shaking and you are not sure why you can get it checked by booking online today and receive a free vehicle service check. For further information on our services you can browse the site or get in touch with us by calling 019253 30468 or alternatively, you can email us at service@lowtonmotorcompany.co.uk.

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